Going Serverless, without serverless.

Earlier this year we wrote about how to automagically tag and release serverless functions and how to automate your sales channels with serverless functions. Since then we iterated over our automation and release processes and managed to add node8 support into the serverless framework as well. But that’s not enough. The serverless framework is great with Amazon Lambda, but even though Google Cloud Functions are supported, functionality is very basic.

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Serverless Sales Automation

As you probably know, serverless computing is on the rise. It is not the solution to all our problems, but there are many use-cases, and some are a great fit to Lambdas (serverless functions on Amazon infrastructure). Asynchronous integrations between services are a perfect example. We wanted to get more quality leads to grow our business and use Typeform for customer segmentation and qualification. This data, we aspired to process in our CRM software Infusionsoft to nurture leads and take them through the sales funnel.

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