Node.js and JavaScript

We love Node.js because it’s fast, stable and simple. There is a vast ecosystem of open source modules to build APIs, control lasers, fly drones or control microcontrollers. (Almost) everything is possible with Node.js.

We’re into Node.js since 2011, about version ~0.4.1, around the times when Express just released version 2.0.0. It has been a long way since, Express is almost version 5.0 now and there are various other frameworks to build servers, such as fastify, hapi or koa. There is a foundation behind node and a friendly and inclusive community.

We helped in parts to grow the Node.js ecosystem by organising the first NodeConf in Barcelona in 2014 and consecutive NodeConf conferences in 2015 and 2016. We co-organised the Node.js User Group in Barcelona, spoke on several events and helped where possible with open source software.

As a result of these activities and the passion for Node.js, our team is highly efficient writing software for all kinds of environments or use-cases.