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About Us

About Us Who We Are

At Heneise Consulting, we believe the best software comes from the considered application of engineering solutions. Our nomadic team, located where they feel the happiest, are all driven to deliver great engineering solutions for you, the web and mobile devices.

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Our Services What We Do

Engineering Strategy

Decades of experience help us determine the best technologies to achieve fast and scalable applications. Upfront planning paired with years of experience in the field provides a solid base for us to solve engineering questions with you and plan for the future.

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engineering strategy
backend and apis

Backend and APIs

Backend & API design is client-side agnostic, so it can be easily integrated with web and desktop applications as well as iOS and Android apps. This ensures your data and experience are independent, but work perfectly together, delivering an outstanding experience to your customers.

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Node.js makes real-time applications easy because it uses way fewer resources than other high-level languages. We love Node.js because it's fast, stable and easy to add new features or feature sets to - like streaming or queue processing - without hassle.

Node.js uses a non-blocking, event-driven input/output model, making it easy to create lightweight, real-time, cross-platform applications.

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progressive web applications

Progressive Web Applications

The web is a big place. And even applications written solely for the web have a lot of questions surrounding them. Which browsers do you support? Will the app mainly be used on mobile or desktop? Which technologies should we use?

Our decades of experience in engineering means we know which questions to ask and what to do with those answers.

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iOS and Android Applications

Over 2 billion mobile devices run Apple's iOS and various flavours of Android, making them the world's most popular operating systems. Delivering native applications to these platforms has never been more important, with the App Store and Play Store making overnight successes of all kinds of apps. By using React Native, we can bring your web app to your customer's pocket.

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ios and android applications

Could you be next? Who We've Worked With

Over the years, we've had the great pleasure of working with some amazing companies.

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If you're looking to deliver a great software experience, we're here to help. Call us or write us an email to get the ball rolling on your software engineering project.